Spider Smart Solutions is a boutique style Information Technology ( I.T ) company based in Abu Dhabi and established in 2014. Our company works in association with Federal Government entity – National Archives, Ministry of Presidential Affairs, Abu Dhabi – to offer relevant expertise and technical services in the area of Digitization for Federal and Local entities to archive historical data. We also have the mandate and objective to create a Centre of Excellence in Abu Dhabi.


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The starting point of any success story is knowing your current position in the business environment

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After completing the business analysis the next stage is to design and plan our development strategy

Execution & Evaluation

In this phase we focus on executing the actions plan and evaluating the results after each project execution


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Dubai Duty Free

  • Challenge: Employee records dating back to 1983 were stored in physical form therefore searching & retrieving records was challenging & time consuming.

    Solution: Archival of all employee records since 1983 were converted to digital form that has improved the efficiency of searching & retrieving records.
  • Challenge: Media content for all Dubai Duty Free sponsored events over the past 26 years (i.e. tennis, golf, horse racing etc) including video footage, photographs, PR clippings are currently in physical form and there is a requirement for all content to be digitized.

    Solution: Spider Smart Solutions is in the process of putting together a proposal for the digitization of all media content.

nGo Airline

  • Challenge: Non existence of digital copies of citizens’ birth certificates in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Al Dhafra. Physical Archives from the year 1930 to date were partially damaged and badly preserved with high risk of being permanently damaged.

    Solution: Implemented and completed successfully the Digital archiving of all birth certificates for Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Al Dhafra records and utilized ‘Alfresco’ software to create an Archival/Records Management system

Department of Health - Abu Dhabi

  • Challenge: Majority of records in Department of Health are in paper format and the entire backlog of records require to be digitized.

    Solution: Spider Smart Solutions is currently engaged in archiving more than 25 million records (Media/Paper) dating back to the year 1930, and covering 12 departments. Implementing an Archival/Records Management system (Alfresco) that will mean zero dependency on physical records. Hence searching & retrieving records will improve work efficiencies for Department of Health.

IT Modernization

Today for a business to remain competitive, IT modernization has become an urgent need. The velocity of business change and disruptive technology trends require a more agile response from IT. The business value of IT Modernization is convincing:

  • Reduce Technical Debt
  • Improve IT efficiency and total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Faster services delivery rate
  • Reduce business risk with improved regulatory compliance
  • Enhanced data security

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Spider Smart Solutions provides the most innovative and customized business services in the industry. Our Services section shows how flexible we are for all types of budgets.

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    Ethic procedures ar alwasy at the base of everything we do

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